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Privacy Policy

  1. When you register as a User of the service provided by (‘site’), you will be asked to fill in your personal information such as name, email address, residential address and other information we might need. Users are responsible to data provided and ensure that all data is true, correct and complete
  2. Users are responsible to maintain confidentiality of password to the site and do not give the password to any parties including PT Panatrade Caraka. PT Panatrade Caraka will never ask for User’s password in any circumstances
  3. PT Panatrade Caraka will not bear any responsibilities of any wrong use of User’s password by third parties
  4. Any information collected in the site will be used to improve the content of the site and to notify consumers about updates to the site and any other marketing purposes
  5. Users understand and agree that during visiting and using the service, the system can record User’s activities such as when login occurs, which pages are opened and records any transactions made on the site
  6. Cookies are used to store User’s preferences, to record session information such as items added to shopping cart, to record User’s specific information on pages accessed and visited, to alert Users to new areas might be of interests when they return to the site, to record past activities in order to provide better service when Users return to the site, and to customize page content based on User’s browser type or other information sent by Users.