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Terms & Conditions


PRELIMINARY is an online shopping site that is owned and managed by PT Panatrade Caraka, located in Jalan Daan Mogot 151, Jakarta 11510.

If you use service provided in the site, you have understood and agreed to all ‘Terms and Conditions of Use written below. If you do not agree, please do not use the service.


PT Panatrade Caraka reserves the right to change, add or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Therefore it is important for the Users to check Terms and Conditions regularly for updates as PT Panatrade Caraka will impose terms and conditions contained in the latest version in the site. PT Panatrade Caraka has no responsibilities to bear any losses suffered by Users as results of changes in Terms and Conditions.


  1. Users are at least 18 years of age or get assistance of parents/legal guardians when using the service provide in the site.
  2. Users are individuals or organizations with legal identity as provided in Identity Card/Passport or legitimate organization permit.
  3. Users are required to have an email account.
  4. Users agree to use the service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions as well as other procedures as uploaded in the site.
  5. Users are responsible for their account and password and free of risks of misuse of User’s account.
  6. Users bear the burden or expense for internet connections when visiting and/or using the site.
  7. Users understand and agree that PT Panatrade Caraka will not bear any losses suffered as results when Users fail to access the site.
  8. Users are required to provide correct data (for example: name and shipping address). PT Panatrade Caraka has no responsibilities to bear any losses due to incorrect data provided by Users.


  1. Prices shown in the site might change without prior notice
  2. Shipping cost will be absorbed by PT Panatrade Caraka for purchases above minimum amount as stated in the site, unless mentioned differently
  3. PT Panatrade Caraka will only process the order when User has paid the purchase in full amount
  4. PT Panatrade Caraka cooperates with third parties in the provisions of means of payment. Users should select one payment method for each purchase. PT Panatrade Caraka bears no responsibilities for the success or failure of each payment

PT Panatrade Caraka cooperates with third party in the provisions of means of shipment. PT Panatrade Caraka has no responsibilities for success or failure of each delivery done by above mentioned third party‚Äč


PT Panatrade Caraka has the right to cancel the order if one or more of following conditions occurs:

  1. No payment is done within 24 hours after order is made on the site
  2. ‘Payment Declined’ notification of debit card or credit card used by User to transaction
  3. Delivery address is not clear or is not covered by shipping service
  4. Number of orders exceed the availability of products
  5. Data provided by users is fake or incorrect or incomplete
  6. Users are not personals or organizations that have legal identity



  1. Users have the opportunities to provide assessments on every product sold in the site (Product Review)
  2. PT Panatrade Caraka has rights to display, not to display, to edit, to mitigate Users’ review submissions and to add ratings on the reviews
  3. In giving reviews, Users are not allowed to post comments that contain:
    1. Slanders against persons, institutions, companies
    2. Provocations or instigations to commit unlawful acts
    3. Advertisements for personal gains
    4. Discriminations on ethnics, races and religions (SARA)
    5. Pornography, humiliation and comments beyond manners and morale
    6. Links to other sites
    7. Malicious programs or scripts
  4. PT Panatrade Caraka has right to deactivate membership of any Users violating point #3 without prior notice
  5. PT Panatrade Caraka has right to use submitted Product Review without User’s notifications
  6. PT Panatrade Caraka has no responsibilities to compensate or reward Users when their submitted Product Reviews are used for publications


  1. In case of dissatisfactions, users can file a complaint through:
    1. Email:
    2. Phone Number: (+62-21) 5604669
  2. If completion pursued by consensus does not work, then User agrees to settle legally through West Jakarta District Court


  1. If customer received a damage product and customer are not willing to be replaced, customer are allow to file a claim with in max 7 days after they received the product.
  2. If the paid order cannot be processed due to the product stocks is not available anymore, customer are allow to file a refund requests or customer are allow to order a similar / another product (price differences are apply).
  3. If customer received a product with much different as in the display pictures or product details (the material, color gradation, pattern) and customer are not willing to be replaced, customer are allow to file a claim with in max 7 days after they received the product.